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Sunday June 30 2002
     Can't reach Michael by phone. Can't get Tim Danko either. Maybe I have the wrong numbers?

     We taxi it to the Stork and move my bags to Barbara's place. It's a really nice little house.

     Barbara and I go walking in search of a felafel and catch up on things. Along the way:

*'Ms. 45' zine is based on the movie poster, not the film itself. Barbara actually hasn't seen the film. She's not enthused about the subject material.

*What the fuck is up with this ubiquitous 'Orange' stuff anyway? Paging Naomi Klein! I know it's vaguely related to phones, but it's so nondescriptive. I see it in Bangkok, and then here.

*Response to mispelled sign: Grammar activism. If we can have billboard activists, why not grammar activists? When people spell CDs as CD's, it's really irritating.

*Preston: A sign announces it's a 'Refugee Welcome Zone'. I'd missed a big protest on the refugee thing when I arrived, it was just down the road at Flinders Street Station.

*Quest for Music: since all I get is Karaoke and Backstreet Boys, Barbara recommends Bloodduster album. 'Straight Outta Northcote', and Tism. Au Go Go Records is still around! That's good to hear. 

     Barbara and I have a great Indian meal. We discuss the idea of scanning books. We agree that if I buy her a scanner, she could scan some comics for us, that could then be presented as archival material on a website or in other formats.
     Snoop around for phone numbers, and manage to contact Michael. We'll meet up tomorrow. I park it at Barbara's, and we do some cooking, read some comics, and just generally hang. I get to see a bunch of Barbara's older Ms. 45 issues, which again oughtta be archived. Us aging zinesters need to find safe homes for our stuff.


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