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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Really, I'll only be away for a few days. So this is not really a proper weblog...let's call it a 'bloglet', for my trip.


     The Itinerary

      27-28 Bangkok. 

      29th Melbourne for Comix Pub Night

      See what's left from Michael/Greg/Kieran's show. 

      July 4 Inside Out Show, Westspace Gallery. 

      After that? Bus up to Sydney (pitstop in Canberra) and spend a day or two there. Hope to catch Michael Hill, Amber et al. Then it's back to Bangkok and Siem Reap.

     Stayed up all night at the office getting shit in order. Then went home to pack frantically. Fortunately a lot of shopping was already done in bits and pieces.

     Haven't been to Australia in four years. Wonder what's changed? A lot to catch up on, and only two weeks to do it.

     Bangkok is always such a headspin after quiet Siem Reap. It really feels like I'm back in the States, in many ways. Don't know any Thai, and I'm usually transiting through, so I'm a lot more clueless here. I probably deserve it. Back in Cambodia I'm pretty smug about my ability to get things done and avoid tourist scams.

    Got an obscene trinket for Q-Ray. Hope he likes it.
     Today: sleep, food, maybe catch a flick. Would like to find a quiet cafe where I can draw.

Next Friday, June 28, 2002