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Sunday, July 07, 2002 
     Brunch with Eliza and Michael today. After which I forget to pay Eliza for my half of breakfast. Michael and I walk back home. After a recent comics auction he was drunk and walked for about three hours back from town to Coburg, and he points out bits of graffiti he did on the way.  

    After that, off  Brunswick to buy some goodies from Guy Blackman, of Chapter Records fame. Much like a drug deal: he had specialized merchandise, and we kept him waiting for the meet. $60 for 6 CDs: pound for pound indie music is still your best value. Grab Tracy Read, Wagons, Sleepy Township, Minimum Chips, and more. Guy is going to Japan in two months.     

     Also hit Polyester, which hasn't changed much at all. A whole new crop of comics kids on the shelves. Lost the books in the shuffle, but I do recall Donovan and Inbred Lady (Tassie). What's up with these new kids?  It used to be back in the day when we'd discover a new comic like 'Dex', we'd all be curious. Like, "Hey, there's another one."  
     Hung with Tim Danko in his studio which is 'chockers' full of comics. I get a look at his original proposal for the exhibition...it costs real $$$ money, it's not just a matter of whacking stuff up on walls!

     Catch up on a bit of comics goss. When I was in Melbourne, it was in question whether or not there really was a comics 'scene' or not. Now there seems to be no doubt that there is one. And everyone seems to be developing their own niche. Is this a good thing? Class, discuss. 

     Michael and I hit Asian market for food. We need to clean up the place. We arrive back and Tammy's already cookin'. More Twin Peaks.


PUMICE GIGS at two places in Melbourne:

Wednesday 10th July (Builder's Arms) with Fuck Tourette's Cunt, Dwocszec and Snocklaw.

Friday 12th July (Rob Roy) at 'What is Music' with David Shea, Western Grey, Tim Catlin, Will Guthrie & DJ 8J.


New Album 'White' on sale at gigs. And if you're nice, maybe you can get some of Stefan's comics.


     Think I'll take the overnight bus to Sydney Friday evening.