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Monday, July 01, 2002

     Move over to Michael's place. He lives in a nice house in Coburg along with Kieran Mangan and Tammy of Royal Chord. (Kieran's in Sydney so I get to take his room.Greg: "I see you've moved right in.")   

     Michael's got a great studio full of heaps of comics, which is really fun to see. I could spend a good day there just reading. He lends me a spare jacket, and we take his dog out for a walk and grab a felafel.  


     It's been a busy time for Braddock Coalition. They've had to assemble an exhibition, as well as Silent Army Anthology and Pure Evil.  Any one job would be effort enough. They're all a little burnt out. 

     From my end though I haven't seen any of the effort, it's as if it materialized out of thin air. Incredible. The great thing is they've gotten a bit of support for their work, they just have to fill out a lot of government forms to do so. 

    I just get to walk in for a few days and see the results. It's really encouraging to see. 

    On the way back I buy ten cardboard boxes for mail. (Michael: "You're the original Mailpunk.") I ain't playin'. 

    Also amused by Aussie hip hop magazine Stealth and the new newsstand Beanz Baxter. (Hey, where's the comix review section??) 

    Don't fuck with my mail, I've got a box knife


     We discuss comics drawing session to be held beginning 9am Saturday 6th, at Michael's place. [email if you want in. ]   

     Aaron O'Donnell (Vexed, Kumquat) comes by. We head out to get some beers. Aaron is finishing up the multimedia component of the upcoming Inside Out show...he's a multimedia professional! 

     I also get to meet Tammy, who will have to put up with a lot of comix nonsense in the immediate future. Her brother Perry's birthday is today so the whole clan assembles. They head off for some food, I take some time out to check email and read a few of my growing stack of goodies. 

     A bit of hanging out and watching TV. We draw the invite flyer for the comix jam. 


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