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Thursday, July 04, 2002

     Up and off to Westspace.  More work hanging the prints on the wall. I keep trotting up to Eckersley's Art Supplies, conveniently located two blocks away. They ask me if I want to join their 'loyalty program'. 

    We work just up to opening time, and barely finish. I buy a toothbrush from the nearby 7-11.  


     Kate and Allie get their outfits together, and people start drifting in. Hey, it's the Pox Girls! And soon after, Stefan Neville, Clint Q-Ray & partner Monique. Hey, Kieran made it down from Sydney. Very happy to see Shags, who I'd been hoping to catch this trip. Ahh, this is reason enough to shell out for the plane flight. All my favorite people conveniently arranged in one place.  

Kate and Allie, sporting fashionable attire for the well dressed comicist
Clint Cure, Kieran Mangan, Shags. My god, all the talent assembled.  If the terrorists bombed this exhibition, western civilization would be doomed!!


Look for the word balloon coming out of Kizza's mouth.

     I get corralled by the folks from some TV show, not sure if I should talk into the camera or the microphone.  

   Great to see everyone, it's almost a bit overwhelming really. 

    After two hours the opening is over. We head over to the Stork Hotel. Clint splits off for some food with Adam Ford. 

     There's some sort of acoustic stuff going on at the Stork. Troy Mingramm is ready to bum rush the show, but we hold him back. There will be future pub nights.

     After the Stork closes down, then we head out to the Arthouse. After that it all gets a bit blurry.  




Gallery of Pissed Cartoonists: 

Tim Danko and Troy Mingramm

Shags and some weird guy.

Stefan Neville and Lachlan Conn.

I'm sucking all Neale Blanden's comix talent from his brain!   

There's a reason why cartoonists have such strong tongues. 

Just ask Tim Danko if you don't believe me. 


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