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Friday, July 05, 2002

Breakfast with Kirrily Schell, Jo Waite, and Mandy Ord

    Kirrily: "I thought you smelled like deodorant."

     Check the email...Athonk has sent a panel for a joint jam strip. He's in New Orleans, enjoying it heaps, sounds like. 

        Dinner with Shags, Tim Danko, Adam Ford, Amanda Kerley.   














                      Thonky does Bourbon Street. 


      Great to catch up with the Shagster...she is now a high powered designer working for the government in Canberra. Plus she's finished school which means she can have more of a life again.

     Back to Michael's in time to catch Tammy and Eliza watching Twin Peaks. It's also Carol's birthday! Oh poo, I didn't know. 


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