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Thursday, July 11, 2002


Ow. Hung over. 


     Breakfast with Mandy Ord. She is doing all kinds of cool things - animation and art stuff in school, a collab book with Amber Carvan, and heaps more. 

     Mandy is always observing and recording details that most of us would overlook. I get a peek at her latest comic for Dee Vee. Far out. It's great.    

     Why she isn't famous and making heaps of money is beyond me. If every band I enjoy becomes successful, why can't the same be true for cartoonists? 

    We catch up for about two hours, could have talked for two more.  

      Then it's off to Kizza's to get the QuickArse cover so I can make some copies. Been toying with some Pantone pens I bought at Eckersley's - maybe we can do an online color version? 

     On the way I stop in at a head shop. Michael's been sucking on a self-admitted 'high school' bong, I think it's time for something a little more mature. 

     The bong shop dude is hung over as well, and tries to convince me to buy a super strength unbreakable one, whacking it on the counter to prove his point. 

      Kizza gives me tea and the cover. We sort the interior pages, and ink the cover. Now it's off for some copying. 

     Lunch with a friend from Siem Reap.  Then over to Westspace Gallery. Tim has some of Mandy's cartoons looping on the video monitor. One ('Suit Yourself') is about 5 minutes! I can only imagine the work that went into that one. It's like walking into one of her comics. 

     Then it's time to make the separate screen masters for the cover.  

     I call home...Michael's wiped out.  Apparently he walked home from Aaron's last night.  I head back to the house. 

    There's soup. Greg is collating, Eliza and Tammy are practicing. Top Shelf Comix is interested in sub-distributing Pure Evil. We will be mailing fifty copies to them tomorrow.

      Stefan Neville calls. He's looking for his cap! No sweat dude, we've got it. I always go for the party favors. 

      Michael and I try sending an email to Pure Evil co-conspirator Jed Lane, but no luck. He'll be enthused to know that his progeny is getting some attention. There's an email from Tim Danko about the TV show coming up. 

      Spend the rest of the evening packing. Tomorrow, off to Sydney! Also maybe, just maybe we can get 'QuickArse' in the can. 


email from Tim Danko

     too shagged to go to openings? too stressful to trudge back alleys in search of the high art altitude required to support a gallery....? extreme fear of big content free spaces with concrete floors and white walls (they are modeled after sadistic nazi dentist surgeries after all)....?
     don't go to the show when you can watch it on tee vee! thats right! get half an impression of what the inside out comic show is really about by watching it on telly!
     but wait, theres more! (bert newton voice) "....and now, heres moira..."
     thats right bert, why bother with the stress and trauma of unfriendly snooty gallery staff and downright dangerous climbs up ricketty life threatening staircases when tv can bring you the exact same 'art' experience in your own home...impress your friends with your working knowledge of obscure art 'happenings'.... bolster your street credibility in a flash....say you were there with our new patented 'woodstock' method (yes, we were all there, weren't we?)
     just watch the 'public hangings' tv show thursday week (18th of july, sometime between 7.30 and 8.30 pm, channel 31) for a full report on the insideout comic show (and others exhibitions)....learn all you will need to know to speak authoritatively about all things comic and art without ever having to expose your sensitive palette to cheap cardboard wine, arty drunks (far more dangerous to the psyche than sporty drunks), and snooty 'not cool enuff' looks....




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