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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

   Today's mission: help Tim out with the exhibition. We head out to Aaron's to get the 'multimedia component' underway. Unfortunately, we need a certain brand of CD. Michael and I head out to get it, and by the time we're back Aaron's got it sorted. 

   We decide to walk down to Westspace gallery. On the way I get a look at City Lights exhibition space, where Greg/Kieran/Michael have been invited to show. It's right near Aaron's pal's art space, so we stop in. Devin's been doing some big digital prints of old photos, which are fun to see. 

     Just before we reach the gallery, Aaron's bottle of vodka slips out of his jacket and breaks in the middle of the street. Squalor. 

     By the time we get there, Tim's gone home, but Aaron installs the stuff on the computer, so it's more or less ready to go. 

    Hang out at Michael's place. Tammy and band partner Eliza are watching Twin Peaks, going through the whole show. 

    After a beer run, Aaron finds free copies of True Tales of Love and Hate. It's produced by Amber Carvan - yet another offshoot of the Noise Festival




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