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Sunday July 14th 2002

     I wake up at dawn, a taxi honks outside. I grab my bags and hop in. 


"Where you going?" 


"Back to the States?"

"Nope, going to Cambodia."

"Oh, right, I've been there four times myself. Spent many an evening in Sharky's."


     I really shouldn't judge. But the article in the paper yesterday does come to mind. 

     At the airport, I manage to make sure my bags will check through all the way to Siem Reap. Then kick back with the last mocha coffee I'll have in a while. Definitely a few regrets on this trip, but it's clear that like a foot fungus, I'll be back.  

      Then I veg out on the plane, reading all the goodies I've received on the trip: Silent Army, Pure Evil, Froth, Milk Milk Lemonade, stacks and stacks of publications.  


     After many hours in the air, it's good to be back in Siem Reap. Ahh, I'm warm again.


Exhibition Wrapup 


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