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Monday, July 08, 2002

     Breakfast with Kirrily Schell, of Wide Arsed Mole fame. Catch up on comics and life in general. Then we make plans for our collab comic book. (QuickDraw + Wide Arsed Mole = QuickArse). 

     After about four hours of nonstop comics gab, I head out to make some copies of the pages we've done so far. (Can only talk about comics so much per day.) Also some copies from our jam strips. (Will share these later when life slows down.)
    Back at Kirrily's place we rough out the front and back covers, which we'll screen print.. I've done an intro but it's a little flat. Maybe we can get someone to do it for us? She also kindly gives me a copy of Northborne and Glory Bound, the Canberra comics collection she's featured in. All these comics with spines...that's a good sign!


     Call Kieran and Amber to make plans for Sydney. Will be there only one day.


     Kizza cooks us some daal and chapati for dinner, and we kibitz and draw for several hours, drawing the cover and roughing out the colors for the screen printing. By 11:00 she's comicked out, collapsed with her hands over her eyes.


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