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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

     I sleep in, and Michael and Aaron head over to Westspace.

  When I arrive all are out to lunch. I take the opportunity to get some cheap asian food at Welcome Hotel, (immortalized by Greg in Pure Evil #5), and hit Au Go Go to continue the Quest for Music. There I pick up a fanzine with some Stratu illustrations, and a copy of Re:Vulva Girl comic. Good to see they're on issue #3!




















Timmy D: a pensive moment. 


     A bit of helping with the preparations.  I meet Kate and Allie, two girls who will be dressed up in paper outfits for the assembled guests to draw on. Anyone who wears art on their sleeve (so to speak) is OK with me.
























Then back to Michael's for an episode of Twin Peaks and some sleep. Tomorrow is the big day!

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