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Saturday, July 06, 2002 


In the past our drawing days were 24 hour draw or die sessions. It was loosely based off the McCloudian idea of the 24 hour 24 page comic. But ours mutated: we started circulating jam strips, and each worked at their own pace on their own stuff. 

     Being older and greyer, this starts in the morning and ends in the evening. 


  At 9 I sit down and start drawing.  We're soon joined by a number of folks- it's  a comics cavalcade!: Tim Danko, Jo Waite, Troy Mingramm, Lachlan Conn, Greg Mackay, The Pox 

Girls, Angelo Madrid, Mandy Ord, Kirrily Schell, Stefan Neville, Aaron O'Donnell, Shags, Peter Jetnikoff, Nicki Greenberg, Renee Guard, Barbara Kerr, and Athonk via emailed JPEG. 

      Nick Nolte featured heavily in our endeavors. "I like to hang out with the neighborhood kids and do lines of ascorbic acid."


     Nice to see Stefan Neville again. Prominent motifs in his work of late: the sea and microphones. "I just keep drawing them over and over." Lindsey Arnold comes over and videos each of our hands as we draw. Troy is a newcomer to this Melbourne institution, but goes with it. 


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