Wednesday Doings

Wednesday Doings

Early morning email from Sovanna Phum, they are OK to do the film showings! Great.
I ask Samphors/Vuth to print out and frame the final copies of the OSJI posters. Coming along. And after that I ask Samphos to scan Beng’s portfolio.

We copy the jam strips and look at them. They don’t flow perfectly, we’ll need some more time to get the strips going. We do have another week and a half. Maybe we can do two more meetings.

Beng and I meet with Chea Pearom of ‘Tam Tam’ who is finalizing the ‘Fantomes’ comic Lisa Mandel did in her workshop. My French isn’t perfect but I’ve had some help via email and locally. We also tweak the design a little.

Lunch at the French Cultural Centre. We look at some of the video from last night. Beng’s friend in Indonesia may be able to edit it for us, something I hadn’t thought of.
The schedule is filling up, how will we find time to go to Angkor Wat? Hmm…

We meet the Librarian, Pierre, who is heading up Lire En Fete and set a time for Beng’s Saturday workshop – ‘Tools and Tales’ (2pm).

Also run into Sabine Trannin, film friend who is interested in all kinds of motion pictures. She’s got to come to the screening, we’ve got to get more film folks in the loop.

Post lunch? It’s time for coffee! Beng and I hit a local coffee store and he is enthralled. (I take video of this momentous occasion.)

Even more enthralling is our brief visit to Svay Ken’s studio. One side is a pharmacy, the other a small goods shop. It’s a very humble place filled with art by an artist with no pretensions. We ask if we can video the shop and Svay Ken’s wife says she can call him over. We realize that we’re running late, and our artist would need more than a cursory show and tell. We ask if we can meet him at a later time. (Svay Ken info to Indonesia! That would rock.)

I’ve got to hit the bank and do some errands and Beng takes some time of his own.
Sarin over at Studio CLA has made MP3s of ‘Music From and Inspired by QuickDraw’. Alright. I call Linda at Sun Dew, the exhibition is on, so we now have all our dates confirmed! Time for a press release or something.

Samphors has scanned a big chunk of Beng’s portfolio. Vuth has some family concerns so he’s taking the afternoon off. The Legal posters are on the way, complete with frames tomorrow. I just need to write some artist bios.

Beng comes by the office, time for downloading pictures and blogging. We are wild and crazy, no?

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