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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003

New Flash Ferret From Kirrily Schell in Cornerfold #3.

We’ll have some new copies of QuickArse for you any day now, too. Really.


Monday, February 17th, 2003

Small Press Expo Anthology submission guidelines. Give it a go!

Silent Army says: “no really it can be a bit of a lottery and depending also on how many ‘names’ are going to be in any particular years book… as always we will look at some of the winners and wonder how they got in, and not Mandy Ord..”

F-15 takes off: massive antiwar protests. And it’s good to hear Kylie Purr’s back in the thick of it. So is Pete Ashton, on the other side of the planet.

Pete Bagge on the scheduled War and scheduled protests. (Thanks to BugPowder).

Not into war for petroleum? Viridian Design suggests you contemplate Beautiful Things. And there’s ominous gossip if you really want to check it out…


Wednesday, February 12th, 2003

Just seen the second film in the Lord of The Rings trilogy? The guy doing the real work for ‘Legolas’ was stunt double Morgan Evans, who finally gets his moment in the sun.

An interview I did years ago – tried to find a spot for it in Stateside zines but had no luck.


Friday, February 7th, 2003

Athonk @ Alternative Press Expo.

Aaron from Comics Australia notes the Store is totally sold out of Pox.

From The Comics Journal’s Journalista:


Jennifer Daydreamer

Amartaya Sen’s sustainable development philosophy translated into comics form.

Now if only we can get it translated into Khmer…

TechnoGeeks re: ComicsGeeks: Slashdot on the state of comics today.


Warren Ellis also gets Slashdotted, as ‘Global Frequency’ is compared with Harold Rheingold’s latest, ‘Smart Mobs’

From Warren Ellis’s ‘bad signal’ list: ‘ “I’ve had a title with no story sitting in the file since ’99 in Australia: “Fuckable Zombie.” ‘ Don’t be coy, is there something you want to tell us, Warren?


Wednesday, February 5th, 2003

from Megan Kelso:

> Dear Fellow Cartoonist:


> We are planning to place full page ad in the next available issue of The

> Comics Journal containing a cartoonist’s Statement of Conscience in

> opposition to the Bush Administration’s relentless march towards war

> with Iraq and erosion of our civil liberties. We would like to print the

> names of as many cartoonists as possible who share this view. If you

> want to have your name included on the list, please contact Megan Kelso

> ASAP. We have about three weeks to put the ad together, so time is of

> the essence. Please forward this to other cartoonists you know who may

> also want to have their names included. We hope you will join us in

> this small but important effort. As Al Smith once said, “the solution to

> the problems of democracy is more democracy.” Let us behave as if we

> lived in a democracy and speak up!


> Sincerely,

> Megan Kelso and Timothy Kreider


> A Statement of Conscience


> The undersigned cartoonists oppose the Bush administration’s policies> both abroad and at home in its response to the terrorist attacks of

> 9/11. The “War on Terror” is being used as an excuse to launch a

> unilateral and unprovoked invasion of Iraq for political motives, and to

> repeal the rights and freedoms for which this country first fought. The

> America we believe in doesn’t attack first, or arrest its citizens

> without charges. If comic books have taught us anything, it is that

> Superpowers should only be used for good.

want in? email