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Comics and Beer

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

From the National Young Writer’s Festival:

Comics and Beer

Attention all comic makers and beer drinkers… This year the National Young Writers Festival is thinking about expanding it’s strong zine component by getting more festival-goers to read more comics. To do this we require two components: Beer and comics. We’ve got the beer aspect covered, but we need comicicians(you) to send us your comics. The idea goes that when a person buys a beer from the Festival Club (This Is Not Art main hangout) for a dollar more they receive a comic to read. This means more distribution, more comic exposure during the festival and more people reading your comics! So please send us your comics, they can be recent comics you’ve just finished making or old copies of comics you’d just like to get rid of. They can be any size with any kind of content. Or just anything that would distract a beer drinking festival-goer from spending the whole day staring into a rapidly emptying bottle. (please note that we can only pay you a $1 percomic, as the deal goes $3 for beer, $4 for beer and a comic, and let’s face it-no one buys comics! right! infact this letter actually had the word ‘zine’ in it twenty times-not even ‘comic’, which has no place in the aussie race.) Please send your zines to Sam at Octapod 3/231 King Street Newcastle NSW 2300 or e-mail:



Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Ringo got da funk

Trying to draw a few things in time for upcoming Indonesia Convention. Trying to earn a little dosh as well, travel can cost even in the post-SARS era.

Most of me will be on IndoBlog for the next few weeks. Check there for Michael Pee Fikaris Voiceworks Interview!

Jesse Reklaw (“Your Dreams I will Draw”) gets not one but two Ignatz nominations. Congrats Jesse!

Pioneering ‘real life’ comics creator Harvey Pekar spills all in his new weblog, complete with contributions from the rest of his family (Joyce Brabner and 15 year old Danielle). Pleased to see the new ‘American Splendor’ movie is getting rave reviews, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. I remember when this stuff was the fringe of the fringe.


The underground cartoonists of the 60s and early 70s fought against the oppressor, but many of today’s comic book artists don’t seem to realize that there’s one around.


I would hate to be a plate of airplane food.


But… It would be cool to be the tiny salt and peppershakers…

Those things rock.

Nostalgia: Comic Book Ads.

Athonk’s Site:

Grant Morrison: Comic Artist as Pop Star.

The real question is, are you Britney Spears or the Sea Scouts?;action=display;num=1058517222;start=15

New ‘City of Tales’ page. Go Stefan and Clayton!


Cave Clan

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

Remember Cave Clan from Issue #4?

Sydney branch has run into some hassles about their web site. However, it’s pretty hard to shut down a site when they can just mirror in another country.

Radio National article



Friday, August 22nd, 2003


Heading out to Indonesia from Bangkok on the 4th.

More Indonesia fun on this page:

Also some new PDFs in the Downloads section, thanks to Denis Gambade and Renaud Fichet for help with the French translation!


Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

Dear Sir/madam

Good day to you,

It is a pleasure in writing you this my short information regarding the urgent need for your assistance in a secret and with utmost modesty despite the fact that I may not know you.

I am General Braddock the past Speaker – Braddock Coalition, Federal Republic of Silent Army.Com. After the dissolution of the house couple with my failure in the last political interaction to hold exhibitions, due to my misunderstanding with the executive arms of art in Australia. I have now set to go out of art in Australia to international environment, during my eight (7) years as a speaker of the lower house (Braddock Coalition) I have cleverly stockpile the sum of a few comics (Nineteen Million and Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollar) which I have secretly transfer out to a private security and finance corporation in Cyberworld name withheld for security reason ( by special immunity by the power confer on me then.

Without any beneficiary’s endorsement so as to protect my name and images, now that I have just been relieved of effort, your able assistance is highly needed for you to represent me as a next of kin to the comicbook lifestyle. If you are ready and capable to act within this capacity, I will instruct my private financial attorney to prepare an irrevocable power of attorney/rendering of all necessary comic documents which will empower you as the bonafide beneficiary in the world of which all necessary deposit documents will be delivered to you. As soon as you have confidentially ‘ordered’ your ‘product’ an easy receipt of the fund of which I will personally responsible for, will be mailed to you along with ‘order’.

Lastly, if you are ready to execute this transaction with me, kindly let me have your response to any of this my private email But if the offer is not acceptable kindly keep it to yourself as I do not want it to be known to any third party for my security as I am a synosure of eyes in the publishing society of my nation.CONTACT ME THROUGH MY PRIVATE EMAIL FOR SECURITY

I await your response in either positive or negative with one mind and sincerity of purpose. I remain yours,

Honourable General Braddock.