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Teachers and Archiving

Thursday, June 30th, 2005
Teachers and Archiving
A good time for comics.
Lisa Mandel has arrived in Battambang for teaching. Alas it looks like Sylvain may not be able to come this time.
 With luck we can arrange a little ‘Cafe Litteraire’ for Lisa.
7th of July we’ll be going over how to make portfolios at the Cambodian Book Sector Federation. 
And Dr. Alain Daniel has returned from France with some classic Khmer Comics!
(Also regarding old comics, Australians may want to take a look at

Ketai Comics

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Ketai Comics has a nifty new application for portable digital comics on Ipods.
[courtesy Boing Boing]

IPods, fine; but when you have comics for mobile phones that’s when things will really take off. In the developing world ringtones and phones are king, and are rapidly becoming internet enabled. Hmm, I should think about that… I’ve always tried to be an ‘early adopter‘.
I think Kelvin of Forbidden Galaxy had originally attempted something like that…

Getting ready for the Nou Hach Journal meeting.

And also some plans on archiving of old style Khmer comics. Many of these old comics had glossy painted covers which are not given justice by the cheap printing techniques of today.

New Old comic


True Cambodia Tales

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

True Cambodia Tales

True Travel Tales

A package arrived this last week from Justin Hall of ‘True Travel Tales’ fame chronicling his trip through Southeast Asia, including his minicomic, ‘Tsunami’!
Thanks Justin! Here’s hoping you can do some teaching next trip!
See more of his work at ‘All Thumbs Press’.

(BTW, on the theme of Tsunami, a gripping travel tale I heard recently from ‘Kampuchea Crossings':


Desert Island discs:

Monday, June 20th, 2005

 You can get a pizza or find a swimming pool in Cambodia, no sweat. But finding decent offbeat alternative tunes? I don?t want to spend the rest of my life in an internet Cafe, trying to download bands when I don?t even know if they suck or not.


Enter Pete Radio, which is own weekly-ish podcast featuring lots of classic and  new music, by Pete Ashton of BugPowder fame. I go a little spacey without a good soundtrack to for my life, and having Pete?s MP3s is like a booster shot of cultural vitamins.


Tonite at the Empress

Sunday, June 12th, 2005

Tonite at the Empress
Good to see David Nichols is still doing his gig art.

Sunday June 12, 8pm
Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy
Guy Blackman, Mia Schoen, Tracey Read

Go, go ’cause I said so! and check out the Chapter Music site.

I have horrible taste in music but if you’re really curious, try my music blog.

I may eventually collapse all these into one big metablog; I don’t know.