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Odds and Ends

Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

Odds and Ends

Back in Siem Reap, catching up on things. lists reviews of comics we like – Ben Ridder, Pox, Stefan Neville, Kirrily Schell, Q-Ray, Athonk, and more. (Scroll to bottom). Why is this relevant? Click around on the site and you’ll see…

Wouldn’t normally link to Slate, but this article goes a long way in explaining the appeal of The Matrix.

Get out of the mass media matrix and publish your own books. Continue to be intrigued by ‘No Media Kings’, evangelizing self pubbing. Note they’re supported by a Canadian arts grant though.

Dillon Naylor is plugging away, with strips in K-Zone and ‘Total Girl’ and a weekly color strip in a Sydney newspaper. He’s also just finished two color storybooks in comic format that will be published at the end of this year. Pop Culture and Two Minute Noodles is being collected. And he’s still designing figures and packaging for toy company MOOSE.

Neale Blanden is doing work for an unnamed American company and feels filthy dirty.


Bangkok, dogsbollox

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003

Bangkok, dogsbollox

In Bangkok, first time I’ve been outside Cambodia in nearly a year. Good fun buying clothes and consumer comestibles. Managed to get some comics from ‘Focus on the Global South’, as well as set up an interview with a Thai artist for my next visit.

What’s the latest on Tim Danko and Michael Fikaris in New Zealand?

From Stefan Neville:

hi.just wanted to mention some gigs you might be interested in.

#1. chris knox and pumice. at dogsbollox bar, wed. 23rd april. and we are playing some stuff together too…

#2. birchville cat motel, pumice, richard francis, rosy parlane,kin rahmane, at galatos basement, thurs. 24th.

#3. wings of vengence (campbell kneales one man black metal exorcissm from lower hutt), cobra,(ex ho-dogs), dantes disco inferno (starring james james and celia mancini and me) and flick. at the paradise bar,st kevs arcade. k rd. fri. 25th april. flyers around town made by the silentarmy/pure evil team who will be there and probably still trying to sell their comics so they can afford to go home. sweet.-s


Silent Army, MOSH, Journalista

Saturday, April 12th, 2003

Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, Russian Comics Scene, Buddhist comix, plans to create a ‘cirucit’ for touring small pressers much like musos, Lalo Alcarez, the graphic novel Perseopolis – you can see why I dig what The Comics Journal’s ‘Journalista’ digs up.

Only two copies of Silent Army left at Impact Records in Canberra!



Wednesday, April 9th, 2003

EnZed update from Mikal P:

i’m in new zealund, pissed at 7am and it’s only just started….YEAHmoresoon


Size Matters

Saturday, April 5th, 2003

Size Matters:

Film: seen in a special viewing place, where the projected actors are larger than you or I.

Television: the figures are much smaller, usually equal or smaller than the human figure.

Comics: smaller still. Spain: “My wife, Susan, has kind of called comics smaller than life, which is kind of what they are. In other words, you pack everything into some little story”. David Chelsea has also said the same. Is that why the medium gets so little respect?

Station Delta is BACK with all new comics and carnets. ‘Lakhorn Kou’s’ Lucie Albon has some new stuff.

The Guardian’s BigAss list of Anti-War sites.,12809,884056,00.html

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