Thursday Doings

Thursday Doings

Beng and I get a take out breakfast and hit the office.
There we spend most of the morning working on the quadri-lingual brochure (English, Khmer, French, Indonesian) for the upcoming week.

Still thinking of when to take time out to see Angkor Wat. Beng has yet to see the Russian Market, Tuol Sleng or Wat Phnom.

Finally our first draft is done and Beng’s got some cool sketches to go with it. We head off to ‘Lire en Fete’. Samphors is handling the brochures, Vuth is handling the exhibition framing. Office mate Jane is amused by our flurry of activity.

Over at Lire en Fete there are heaps of publishers both nonprofit and for profit. It’s looking even more together this year than last year. Beng is slated to do a workshop on Saturday.

Beng is quite enthused by seeing all the literary action and it’s fun to get things moving along.

Back to the office, we order a pizza and do some scanning and planning. Goodness me do we have a lot of pictures and video.

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