Tuesdsay Doin’s

Tuesday Doin’s

*Breakfast with Samphors and Vuth – ‘Kuy Tiew’ soup.

*Work on Open Society Justice Inititative Legal Posters – photoshopping, formatting, etc.

*Meeting with Fred Frumberg, Amrita Performing Arts.

*Courtesy call with Indonesian Ambassador. They’re very generous and may lend us their video projector and a Khmer/Indonesian translator as well! (Maybe.)

*Quick stop at Sovanna Phum to check on potential use as theatre for Indonesian Animation.

*Visit to O’Russei Market to see central distribution point for Cambodian Comics.

*I drop Beng at home for a break. We’ve done a lot this A.M.

*Back to office, more time on OSJI and some other work on the 3D animation project.

*4pm Beng and I visit ‘Sun Dew’ artspace, they are game for exhibition! This could be fun. We’re thinking Sunday.

*Rush rush to Book Sector Federation for meeting of Comics Group. Beng introduces the concept of a jam strip when suddenly…


We are suddenly illuminated by the glow of everyone’s high tech mobile phone.
We draw by lamp light and soon enough the power is back on .
At 8pm we are getting tired. It’s been a full day for Samphors and Vuth. After some Chinese food Beng and get some sleep. We forgot to show Beng’s portfolio! Well, we can do it at Lire en Fete, the book festival starting Thursday afternoon.

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