Friday Doings

Friday Doings

Another take out breakfast.

We lugged a ton of comics, komiks and books back to the office last night. Fortunately we have a huge aluminum metal case (just big enough for me to fit into ) that we could use to store things.

We ask Sampos to stuff it in a tuk-tuk and take it to the exhibition hall.

Call from the Indonesian Embassy, they’ve gotten our schedule and we work a few things out.

Looks like a lot of the meetings slated will be taken care of at Lire en Fete, which is really convenient.

We show up at Lire en Fete and a set of revised brochures with corrected French. Now we’re rockin’.

Beng is quite amused at the Bubble Tea we have at lunchtime. The culinary tour of Southeast Asia continues, he takes pictures of most food he eats!

After lunch Y Lida shows up to sign ‘Wrath of the Phantom Army’. He also signs a comic for Beng, it’s good to see these two meet. Alas Beng has only brought 5 copies of Salamat Pagi Urbaz, we’ve got to get some more!

After the show winds down we hit the internet. I update our schedule, and if you want to keep track of our growing number of events click

Then it’s off to Sovanna Phum to check out the traditional dance show.

Dinner (chinese noodles) and dessert (tukaluk) are again photographed, Beng is quite amused by the fruit shake stands that constitute nightlife for much of Cambodia. Also amusing is that everyone thinks he’s Khmer!

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