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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

Latest on IndoCon:


convention is on 6 – 12 september, that is final result.


That gives me about 2 solid weeks of prep time. Comicians, start your engines.


How to QuickDraw

Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

How to QuickDraw

This comic is basically to explain my approach. “Quick Drawing” is like free writing: you just sit down and draw. Usually I have an idea in mind already. This strip was no exception; I wanted to explain the process in Khmer. It took just under an hour, which is my usual speed.

As a name, “QuickDraw” serves as an indication of being topical and fast moving, and also truth in advertising. (Just ‘cause it’s done in a hurry doesn’t mean it’s good.) As a teacher I’ve often been bailed out by my ability to draw fast to explain a word or concept.

But the more time I spend in Southeast Asia, the more detail I want to show, and more reference I want to use. I’ve bought a digital camera, and am using that to get more details for drawing. Like the little fellow below: ‘Sawmaw’ or ‘Rambutan’, a Lychee-like fruit that’s common here.

Usually I draw fresh from the start and tidy up afterwards. Khmer usually reads at a bigger size than Romanized text though, so prior to drawing this strip I ruled out the panel borders and pasted up the text. This is a technical process we in the comics industry call ‘cheating’.

Thanks to the Bishop/Wild family for letting me use a window for sizing of text, and Fantastic Planet where I drew the strip. (Anybody got a spare lightbox I can borrow? Email me.)


Travel through the Impasse

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Travel through the… Impasse:

Writeup on ‘Impasse et Rouge’, in latest Cambodge Soir: French comic on the fall of Phnom Penh. First heard of this comic in ’98, seems it’s been reprinted.

Getting plans together for Yogyakarta trip. Current departure date: Sept 7 from Bangkok –> Jakarta, return Sept 22 Jakarta–>Bangkok.

Silent Army has asked me to help the Yogyakarta leg of a traveling poster exhibition. From their announcement:


is a travelling paste-up poster show: Silent Army (Kieran Mangan, Michael Fikaris, Tim Danko, Aaron O’Donnell and Peter Savieri ) are a part of with other such roadside prophets as: Amac, Guy Benfield, Richard Butler-Bowden, Lane Cormick, DLux, P.Dutch, HA-HA, Ash?, Vladimer Kanigler, Marcsta, Nat n Ali, Emile Zile, Pandarosa, Peter Salmon-Lomas, Syn(c) and more. be there, streetside, underlights, lookin for ‘em in






Auckland-New Zealand-Oct03

more places being coming!

Information for any particulars can be sought by writing to our e-dress. started and curated by and with assistance from check out their style!

Reading Le Combat Ordinaire, by Manu Larcenet (thanks Tamo, Noe!) If you’re stuck in the world of Anglophone comics you don’t know what you’re missing.


Odds and Ends

Monday, August 4th, 2003

Odds and Ends:

Indonesian Comics and Animation Convention is pushed back to early September:

hello john!

convention is on 10-16 sept for SURE!!!

i just published my Old Skull in the garden, 40 pages…

come and get it!!!

let me know when you wanna come, so i can pick u up on the airport.

can forward this to people in melbourne too…

oke john, good luck with your comics, and stay tune..


Mandy Ord makes her debut with ‘Interlude’ in, fresh back from her trip to promote her animated film ‘Suit Yourself’ at Annecy Film Festival in France.

Che Gilson’s San Diego comments.

Dillon Naylor in Cornerfold:

Thanks to Tim Bollinger, “Every Tintin bootleg under the sun”

Kieran Mangan’s site:

Comic Queens Exhibition – report and photos:


Zen Mediation for Beginners

Monday, August 4th, 2003