Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Athonk latest 

Back in Siem Reap. Latest from Athonk:
ok, i got a booth, gonna be: "OLD SKULL and Friends - world wide underground comic books"
if you have some agenda what you wanna do please let me know asap, so we can put it in the catalogue and flyer.

we have a tv set and a vhs player, so we can watch "comic book virus".

Penh Indo Prep 

Indo Preppin'

If you're getting this via email I'm using the new weblog-to-mail feature. You'll have to go to the main page to see any pictures though. If you want off just drop me a line.

Things to bring over:

Melbourne: Michael Pee Fikaris (pictured above) is assembling a small care package. He's just been interviewed by Voiceworks.

Phnom Penh: buying some local comics and Cambodian Hip Hop CDs. In a nation where Karaoke rules, hip hop is a natural progression. (Check May 2003 issue #164 of The Source for a 4 page article.) Indonesia from what I've seen is a bit more punk and metal influenced.

La Casa Hip Hop, Penhville http://www.khmer.cc/community/t.c?b=4&t=2188
USA Khmer Hip Hop
more USA Khmer Hip Hop

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