Ringo got da funk

Trying to draw a few things in time for upcoming Indonesia Convention. Trying to earn a little dosh as well, travel can cost even in the post-SARS era.

Most of me will be on IndoBlog for the next few weeks. Check there for Michael Pee Fikaris Voiceworks Interview!

Jesse Reklaw (“Your Dreams I will Draw”) gets not one but two Ignatz nominations. Congrats Jesse!

Pioneering ‘real life’ comics creator Harvey Pekar spills all in his new weblog, complete with contributions from the rest of his family (Joyce Brabner and 15 year old Danielle). Pleased to see the new ‘American Splendor’ movie is getting rave reviews, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. I remember when this stuff was the fringe of the fringe.


The underground cartoonists of the 60s and early 70s fought against the oppressor, but many of today’s comic book artists don’t seem to realize that there’s one around.


I would hate to be a plate of airplane food.


But… It would be cool to be the tiny salt and peppershakers…

Those things rock.

Nostalgia: Comic Book Ads.

Athonk’s Site:

Grant Morrison: Comic Artist as Pop Star.

The real question is, are you Britney Spears or the Sea Scouts?;action=display;num=1058517222;start=15

New ‘City of Tales’ page. Go Stefan and Clayton!


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