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Saturday, January 18th, 2003

Bruce Mutard is about to hit the US Market with ‘The Bunker’. Congrats Bruce!

Hush Hush Gallery January 23: Comic Book Lifestyle.

display includes seven improvised comic strips done over seven saturday “jam sessions” with various contributors from the melbourne contingency of comic book artists and

visitors to our sessions from as far as new zealand.done with uni-posca pens onto paper that was taped to a piece of the wall atcitylights centre place location in melbourne’s central busyness district.

those who contributed:

michael fikaris _ kieran mangan _ tim danko _ gregory mackay _ lachlan conn _ mandy ord _leigh rigozzi_ alice mrongovious _aaron o’donnell_ jo waite_ carol wood _ neale blanden _ kirrily schell _ angelo madrid _ bernard caleo _ toby morris_ susan butcher _ peter jetnikoff _ nick potter _peter savieri and the un-disputed forefather of the underground aust.small press gerard ashworth

all of this and of course too much more, including free stickers for those present on opening night, general satisfaction of sound with the titilating tunes of royalchord

(australias premiere femme-penned-cow-slingin-sixties-sweethearts) doing a set of original songs and a set of familiar greats. Click below for:



Friday, January 17th, 2003

If you like playing with form and structure, you should check out Oubapo America.

As a teenager, I cut my teeth on stuff like Hilbert Schenck’s ‘Geometry of Narrative’ . As I got older I glommed on to Borges. What surprises me is how little formal experimentation there’s been in comics theory.

Village Voice Best of NYC 2002

Best Art Movement, Comics Division- OUBAPO AMERICA

The first-rate art-comics publisher Highwater Books recently relocated to Brooklyn, and there’s an energetic comics community to keep it company there-notably the artists associated with OUBAPO AMERICA. Tom Hart, Jason Little, and Matt Madden were inspired by a French comics movement that branched off from the Oulipo literary group; their early experiments with radical constraints, like creating an entire story using only four images drawn by Madden, can be seen at The Oubapo circle also overlaps with the people behind Comix Decode, an ongoing series of comics discussions and readings.

On that same note:

Random Poetry Engines. Hmm…


Thursday, January 16th, 2003

Some new comics fun up at ‘Arthur’, which you can download as a PDF.

(Big file).

‘Get Your War On’ is now out as a book.



May 23, 2003: 2nd Sequential Art Studies Conference in Sydney.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Unit of the Faculty of Design,

Architecture and Building at UTS(University of Technology, Sydney)

will again host this new scholarly conference that will be held during

the same week as the 2003 Sydney Writers’Festival. The inaugural event

in 2002 attracted a small but stimulating range of papers from local

academics and postgraduate students and it is hoped that this year’s

event will build on that basis. As a new development, selected local

artists will be invited to participate in this year’s conference.

Scholars are invited to submit 250 word proposals which address

alternative approaches to comics, whether local or global, recent or

historical, online or offline, artistic or commercial. The conference

will adopt an interdisciplinary approach and so welcomes papers from a

wide range of areas.

Send enquiries and proposals, by email only, to either of the

conference coordinators by Friday February 28, 2003:

Michael Hill:



Tuesday, January 14th, 2003






Click on link for flyer.

Been meeting a few Portland people lately which takes me back…used to live there back in the early Nineties.

Saturday AM: get a bagel, wander over to Powell’s Books, (smell of beer factory nearby in the air), wrap my stomach around a slice of Rocco’s Pizza as I read my new findings. Drift over to Ozone to see what used records I could snap up. Maybe wander down to Saturday Market, or see what matinee’s on at Cinema 21.

Now near Powell’s there’s also zine shop Reading Frenzy, and I’ve been told they’re closely associated with the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Must check that out sometime.

Recently sorting through stacks of comix, from San Diego 2001:

Thien Pham’s heartfelt “Words and Pictures” is the sort of comic that not many people could get away with, but he does, it’s direct and simple.




Keep an eye on this guy. There’ll be more from him.

And gratuitous linkage:

Lachlan Musicman


Sunday, January 12th, 2003



Comic Book Artist - all fairly mainstream stuff, but I like hearing about how artists choose their

tools and go about their work.

One alternative paradigm for comics – if the newsstand is hostile to indy

comics, why not reconfigure yourself as a magazine? course, my Australian friends are taking the other tack – ‘we’re not

zinesters, dammit!’

But a proper magazine?? World War III Illustrated and

Heavy Metal are both _magazines_ …

Link Frenzy:

David Nichols review from Optical Sloth. I like this site.

Purchase Pien Products.