If you like playing with form and structure, you should check out Oubapo America.

As a teenager, I cut my teeth on stuff like Hilbert Schenck’s ‘Geometry of Narrative’ . As I got older I glommed on to Borges. What surprises me is how little formal experimentation there’s been in comics theory.

Village Voice Best of NYC 2002

Best Art Movement, Comics Division- OUBAPO AMERICA

The first-rate art-comics publisher Highwater Books recently relocated to Brooklyn, and there’s an energetic comics community to keep it company there-notably the artists associated with OUBAPO AMERICA. Tom Hart, Jason Little, and Matt Madden were inspired by a French comics movement that branched off from the Oulipo literary group; their early experiments with radical constraints, like creating an entire story using only four images drawn by Madden, can be seen at oubapo-america.com. The Oubapo circle also overlaps with the people behind Comix Decode, an ongoing series of comics discussions and readings.

On that same note:

Random Poetry Engines. Hmm…




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