Some new comics fun up at ‘Arthur’, which you can download as a PDF.

(Big file).

‘Get Your War On’ is now out as a book.



May 23, 2003: 2nd Sequential Art Studies Conference in Sydney.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Unit of the Faculty of Design,

Architecture and Building at UTS(University of Technology, Sydney)

will again host this new scholarly conference that will be held during

the same week as the 2003 Sydney Writers’Festival. The inaugural event

in 2002 attracted a small but stimulating range of papers from local

academics and postgraduate students and it is hoped that this year’s

event will build on that basis. As a new development, selected local

artists will be invited to participate in this year’s conference.

Scholars are invited to submit 250 word proposals which address

alternative approaches to comics, whether local or global, recent or

historical, online or offline, artistic or commercial. The conference

will adopt an interdisciplinary approach and so welcomes papers from a

wide range of areas.

Send enquiries and proposals, by email only, to either of the

conference coordinators by Friday February 28, 2003:

Michael Hill:



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