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Thursday, January 9th, 2003

From our Rick Bradford:

POOPSHEET Press Release

Website Relaunch

2003 Jan 6

I’m pleased to announce that I am relaunching the Poopsheet website.

A couple of changes come with this relaunching. First, the Reviews section will now be produced as a blog. Also, for those unaware, the News page is now here. The beauty of these two changes is that the News and Reviews sections can be updated on a more regular basis (which is to say, as often as possible). So check those pages frequently for updates. Also, anybody who so desires has the freedom to add their news to the News page whenever they wish. Simply fill in the blanks and it’s done (registration isn’t necessary).

This means there will no more formal “issues” of Poopsheet. Rather, it’s become a continuously-updated entity. These changes are intended to both make Poopsheet more time-efficient for myself and encourage more interactivity from the readers. I urge you to begin posting your news at your convenience. I’m happy to do it, of course, but you do have that option. Also: Read any interesting zines or comix lately? Want to write a review? I’d like to encourage you to do so and I’ll post it to the new Reviews blog.

More changes: For those interested in what has gone before, there is now a Past Reviews page that will be used to archive reviews from previous issues. Also, the Features page will now be archiving articles from past issues as well. And, finally, the Links page has been beefed up a little and will continue to be improved upon.

Speaking of Features, check out Get the Word Out, a list of other places that review zines and/or comics.

In all sincerity, I would very much like to hear your feedback regarding =

Poopsheet. Any comments, suggestions or questions are most welcome and =

appreciated. Let me know what works and what doesn’t. The site needs you =

to be a success.



Rick Bradford / PO Box 2235 / Fredericksburg, TX / 78624 USA

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Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

Tim ‘hippy fuck’ Danko is now a highly sought after collectible artist. I’ve heard he does a zine or something.

Also, you can now see Alice Mrongovious, Mandy Ord, and Greg MacKay all in SBS Network’s new web thinger, ‘Cornerfold’.

“Go mad for it”. Okay.

from Private MacKay:

Sources indicate that PURE EVIL and SILENT ARMY are both causing heavy losses in central Melbourne Central Business District. Weekly sorties into CITYLIGHTS held territory are used to distribute comics and related art every Saturday from 11 to 3 until January 23rd.

January 23rd( to be precise) Marks the occasion of the end of the Citylights/Silent Army Represents.. Offensive and the opening of a new campaign at Hush Hush Gallery. Features include Royalchord and 8 Melbourne artists creating mutlimedia comics weirdness… to move and seemingly come to life before your very eyes..