Next up: Uzbekistan

Next up: Uzbekistan


“City of God”

a fun and frenetic social history of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious favelas.

And”Satree Lek” (“The Iron Ladies”)

about a Thai transvestive volleyball team. Naturally it was one of the biggest box office hits in Thailand, and the sequel is now co-branding with Pizza Hut. (Try doing that in the States!)

Both films feature real life footage during the end credits, adding a level of visceral veracity, showing the story was based on reality. But what they don’t show is what was left out. Not to haggle over technique, though – they’re good fun, check them both out.


Waiting for the next chapter of Justine Shaw’s Nowhere Girl and Patrick Farley’s The Spiders. A provocative thought from the latter: if we really are at war against terror, why not go to war with Uzbekistan instead? Known ties to Al-Quaeda, and weapons of mass destruction (nukes, no less).

Also checking out You know you should.


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