Going Green

Going Green

A letter by Margaret Atwood about the wayward ways of the states. http://www.iht.com/articles/92026.htm

Tired of all the hype about the war?

Sidestep the issue by developing alternatives to oil. That’s what the Viridian Design movement is doing, run by benevolent Pope-Emperor Bruce Sterling.

Here’s a small project I’ve done on solar cars. (Solar racing, sport of the future!) Why use oil when there’s so much other sources of energy?


The Pope-Emperor’s latest “architectural fiction”: The Growthing


In his blog Bruce recommends “The unheimlich Australian artwork of Patricia Piccinini. This stuff is beyond the biopunk beyond.”

Wonder what will happen when today’s script kiddies (hackers) get their hands on biotech? SARS might pale in comparison.


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