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Yo ho ho

Heres a bunch of stories that have been

rattling my cage for a while so I thought I’d pump

them out so everyone else can get rattled


Mandy ords fabulous animation “Suit Yourself” was

selected and screened at the Annecy animation festival

in gay Paree (paris) France

mandy went there to be French and wear striped t-shirts and the like (oh yeah

and attend the festival) very choice

Devil Shark and Stepchild played a once off art happening gig thing (micheal fikaris and aaron o’donnell, comic arteestes) at eisenberg gallery, Nicholson street Brunswick Victoria on the 7th day of june

comic art was seen, comic noise was heard, manifestos read which caused people to feel a chill and retreat to the public house of intoxication across

the road, this performance also caused passing cars to

have accidents

blue green wine was served to

onlookers and hangers on

This was followed by an impromptu improvised performance on the 17th day of june at the make it up club (planet cafe Brunswick street) involving comic artists micheal fikaris, aaron o’donnell and david Nicholls in which mister Nicholls played drums, mister

fikaris played a two string bass gee-tar, and mister o’donnell leapt on stage and furiously punctured a rubber chicken filled with red wine which he then

proceeded to repeatedly slam into mister fikaris’s bass guitar

all who witnessed this agreed that it was an exceedingly ‘comic’ performance



A zine thing sell some product, hurt some minds, show

literature types that you can write with images as

well as words

language is my favourite virus

Heres some stuff about it from Richard Watts


From Richard Watts:


Express Media, in association with the IFTE

Conference, present:

ZINE AND NOT HERD: A zine and comic trade fair Sunday

6th July 1 – 5pm Sydney Myer Asia Centre (opp. Swanston Street Tram Terminus) Melbourne University Australia

What’s this? A zine fair at a university? Trust us – it won’t be boring and academic. We’ve been asked to be the cat among the pigeons at a national conference of English teachers; in other words, to show them that reading and writing isn’t just books and”literature”, but that’s its evolving and exciting – it’s zines!

Zine & Not Herd will be a chance to show the more conservative members of the teaching profession just how far behind they are, but more than that, much more than that, it will be a chance to swap and sell your work with like-minded people. As with our annual ‘Make It Up’ zine fair we’ll be promoting this event as widely

as possible to ensure that plenty of interested people pass through.

Naturally we’d love to have as many zinesters along as possible.

Interested in having a free stall?

Call Richard at Express Media on (03) 9326 8367

during office hours, or e-mail artisticdirector@expressmedia.org.au


a zine and comic trade fair

Sun 6th July 1 – 5pm Sidney Myer Asia Centre

(opposite Swanston Street tram terminus)

Melbourne University

* swap and sell your zine

* meet comic artists

* explore the literary underground

To book a stall or for more info call 9326 8367

or e-mail info@expressmedia.org.au

presented by Express Media in association with the

IFTE 2003 Conference

Richard Watts – Artistic Director

Express Media has moved !

Express Media

Publishers of Voiceworks Magazine

workshops * mentorship schemes * special projects

Meat Market Arts House

42 Courtney Street

North Melbourne

VIC 3051

Phone (03) 9326 8367

Fax (03) 9326 8076

Email : info@expressmedia.org.au

Website: http://www.expressmedia.org.au

End Richard Watts message



I’m in the process of considering going to Indonesia

for a comic festival there that athonk will be talking

at, sometime in october

Still waiting for details and info to see how feasible it will be

but it might be an idea to start thinking

of putting together books of wordless comic work that

you might have done, or minimal words, your stuff that

would be appealing to non english speaking readers

just an early heads up and it might not happen but

will keep all informed as concrete facts emerge but

you know, roll the idea around in your head, but don’t

move on it till I know for sure either way I will be

sending a call out if I am going to go to collect

regular comics to hoik over there as well as any more

culturally appropriate items


Still waiting to hear back from the man who contacted

me from the Australian consulate to put on an

exhibition of Australian comics there in manila

I jumped through all the hoops for them but at this

stage and lack of response I’m beginning to think the

project may be dead in the water


Gee-mak exhibit of comic related paintings and devices

at spleen bar upstairs ( parliament top end of bourke

street Melbourne Victoria) to close at end of june so

get down or get back up again but go see before it

goes away


Many of these are short notice dee-lines so my apologies


Heres some stuff from adam ford about the next swinging thing, (for those that don’t know) a literature mag that prints comics and pays some kind of minimal fee to you the artist for doing so

Heres adam!!!


And now it’s even nearer…

and now it’s even nearer.

That’s right, kids. The deadline for submissions to

issue 21 of Going

Down Swinging fast approacheth. June 30, to be exact.

So you’ve got

precisely sixteen days to get your poems, short

stories, comics and

spoken word to us. After that…. well, we’d rather

not portray

ourselves as cruel and heartless, but you WILL be

turned away at the

door. Kindly. With love.

So get scribing. If you have any writertype friends

who you reckon

would want in on this, then pass this email along to

them sharpish.

The lowdown on submissions (ie, guidelines) can be

found here:


So get there and check it out.

When they’re ready, send ‘em to PO Box 24, Clifton

Hill, Victoria,

Australia, 3068




adam ford

(co-editor, Going Down Swinging)




30th june theme: “come to your senses”

Voice works being the working voice of youfffff you need to be either under 25 years old or be prepared to lie about your age

it’s good enough for the prime minister of our country (to lie)

voice works also pays for accepted submissions go to this web site below for more details



His Bernard Caleo-ness has suggested that the call out for the next tango romance anthology (issue six) will

be trumpeted from the hills soon no actual dates or dimensions as yet but the theme is established

“love and sex?”

So maybe time now to begin the research for your comic?

No payment for your efforts, but those other mags are essentially compensating you for having your comic sullied by being sandwiched betweenliterature

words without pictures, what will they think of next!!! It just beggars belief, doesn’t it?

Tango is all comic, surely that is payment enough?

you be the judge on that one


Look out for reviews of locally produced comics in Voiceworks issue 53:

Dan yack reviews mandy ord and amber carvans

Brickdog” book, as well as david tangs “kneepockets comic”… send comics for review to dan yack at voiceworks care of expressmedia which is properly addressed up there previously in this document


Pavement issue 59:

Tim Bollinger reviews butcher & woods “pox no.5″ tim dankos“wallpaper”and “memory kiss”

leigh rigozzis?E “flippin out”, “Night Shift”and “Futile Enterprise”… there is also a two page rundown of the new Zealand comic ‘situation’… pavement is a new

Zealand mag and I have been reliably informed that this issue won’t hit Australian newsstands for another two to three weeks

Inpress rumour:

Some idea that there maybe an article about the “Melbourne comic scene” in the street press free mag inpress people have been spoken to, interviewed of sorts but who knows if the article will get up

no holding of collective breaths on that one?

Toby morrises “dreamboat” comic reviewed on the comics journal website

big kudos mister morris!! You go son!!! (as opposed to “you go girl”




This crossed the eeee desk the other day

send yerstuff to grok and show them sand gropers what for?E

thanks muchly to alice mrongrovious for the heads up

Hi Alice


I help run Grok, a student magazine in Perth in which

I maintain a comics department. I’m trying to prepare

an article about independently-produced Australian

comics, and I was wondering if I could get a review

copy of Singularity for the purposes of the article.

I’d put your contact details in the article so people

can send you money for yr comics and whatnot. And if

you know anybody else who might be interesting in

such a deal, could you please forward this email onto


I’m trying to get as many comics in the article as possible.

Thanks for your help


Matthew Giles

Deputy Editor

Grok Magazine


send books to:

Matthew Giles

Deputy Editor

Grok Magazine

g.p.o. box u1987

perth wa 6845

deadline is 14th of july for the next issue



Nice mister Aaron burgess is offering to spread the

gospel for you about your thing thing of a comic

nature?eres what he has to say



I’m responsible for the Small Press News section on Darren Close’s new comic magazine called OzComics Magazine.

OCM will be released sometime next month, and I am digging around for any news related material.

So with that in mind, I was wondering if you have anything to tell the world about. Free promotion is always good.

I’m looking for details on: any comics you are about to release, or are working on.

any zines you are about to release, or are working on. exhibitions you’ve got planned. any comics you’re converting to film. a website you’re developing on your comix/zine life. really anything related to the small press circlethat you can tell me about.

Heck if you know of any news about other creators would be just as helpful.

Gawd I hope I get something back, or my section of OCM will look really sad. :]


Aaron Burgess


Comics Australia



FlatFly Media

The Ink #1 (coming real soon)

Aaron Burgess”


So I think that’s about it

Tired now

Going to

sleep the good sleep

Yours in words and pictures

Tim danko


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