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Java and Siem Reap

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Será à Java
Presentation by Será followed by Q&A at Java Café, Wednesday May 4, 6:30pm.
Java Café welcomes Será, a Franco-Khmer comic artist whose recently published book L’Eau et la Terre (Water and Earth) is being exhibited at the French Cultural Center (in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap). L’Eau et la Terre recounts the stories of individuals’ experience during the Khmer Rouge occupation of Phnom Penh. As Será’s second book on this topic he is able to address elements he was not able to previously.

Sera au Siem Reap

Le Centre culturel français et la librairie “Carnets d’Asie” de Siem Reap vous invitent venir renconter l’artiste franco-cambodgien Séra, à l?occasion de la présentation de son dernier album de bande dessinée L’Eau et la terre publié par les éditions Delcourt
Le jeudi 5 mai à 19 h : Vernissage de l?exposition ?Séra: retour au Cambodge? (Salle d?exposition du C.C.F)
Le jeudi 5 mai à 20 h et le vendredi 6 mai à 18h: Rencontre/dédicaces à la libaririe Carnets d’Asie.
Centre culturel français de Siem Reap
Renseignements: Claire Ameur, responsable de l’annexe du C.C.F de Siem Reap012.949.709


Lesson 5

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Lesson 5 Thursday April 27th

Photo referencing, tracing and redrawing get my comic in shape. The office power is out so my lightbox (well, the window I’m tracing on) becomes a sweatbox.

Séra is OK with the new simplified content and suggests some more small revisions to make it more fully realized. Nhek Sokhaleap, an illustrator from SIPAR is doing well with a wordless strip. Santapheap is doing computer comics, tres simple, almost like fumetti. Chan Nawath (Friends) is full of questions and anxious to read more foreign comics.

Other students also arrive late, with their two penciled pages for critique. Now that Khmer New Year is over we are finally getting some more participants, some from the Wat Phnom art school.

I want to redraw my last two panels. I also need some more background details, but first I’ll handle the difficult stuff with the cyclo.

Next up: inking with a nib pen. If you want to run with the professionals, I’d better use professional tools… results to follow!


Lesson 4

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

Comics Workshop, Lesson 4:

April 26th
Devoted to critiques. My strip involves cyclos, cars, streets and several prominent buildings.
Sera suggests I cut the content down a bit, so it’s not an impossible task. Good call, less work!

It’s a challenge to show daily life here – I want to include as many details as possible, but I’m not sure if my technical skills are good enough. I’m completely self-trained.

We spend much of the session redrawing based on his recommendations. We also get another look at La Jetée as we draw.

Some of the new students have some Image Comics from USA, complete with plastic cover to keep it safe from harm. (If they were mine, I would do them harm.) Ugh, muscles and guns. There’s an entire library of bande dessinee upstairs, why don’t they look at that?

Bora’s disappeared, and Santapheap keeps protesting ‘Ot ceh ku roop!’ (I can’t draw.)

Cyclos are pretty hard to draw. I’m going to have to get some more reference.


Illiko in May

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Meanwhile, in France, more Cambodia memoirs are on the way from Institute Pacome and associates:

The weekend illiko
May 21, and 22 2005
“illiko” exposure meets draughtsmen authors and contemporary illustrators from the 20 to May 28, 2005 in Kingersheim

•You will note the behaviour of an exposure of Simon Hureau and Sylvain-Moizie “Two merry adventurers to Cambodia”, presenting illustrations, boards and sketch

- Simon Hureau in particular presents “OFFICE OF the PROLONGATIONS”, éd. Égo Comme X, second work on his voyage to Kampuchea.

- And Sylvain-Moizie presents his work “SEVEN MONTHS – and a week With SAUCE KHMÈRE”, work in two parts of which first fate in September 2005, éd. éd. La Boîte À Bulles.

L’ Institut Pacôme will on the spot sell its works in the presence of ARIANE Pinel, Sylvain-Moizie, Baptist Virot, and more if interested.


Cafe Litteraire

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Cafe Litteraire –

A walk through the exposition, lots of signing, and a half hour discussion of the book at Cafe CCF. I also borrowed the CCF video camera to shoot some video, it’s good to have a record of these things.

Sera did detailed drawings for each person who bought a book, a great way to do a signing.

Pictures and more details will follow, alas no immediate digital photos!