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Monday, September 29th, 2003



SMALL PRINT, a self-publishing conference/fest/event will happen next month in Auckland. Saturday 11 october at grey lynn community hall (474 great north road, next to the library).

there will be tables of self-published stuff (zines, comics, books etc),workshops on various aspects of self-publishing, entertainment, vegan food & more.

get in touch if you’re interested in having a table to sell your stuff, or if you can’t make it but would like us to sell your stuff on behalf, or if you would like to do a workshop (most of the workshops we’ve lined up so far are zine-centric, we’d love to have someone do one about publishing your own comic), or if you do anything that could fit the definition of “entertainment” & want to entertain on the day.

there’s also a benefit show on the thursday before (9th) at the paradisebar. so far this night creeps, the bobbins and killdeer are playing, and a fourth band hasn’t definitely confirmed yet.

the website for the event is at & there’s a mailing list you can join if you want to be kept up to date & to get a copy of the programme before the day.



Sunday, September 28th, 2003


What are Lisa Mandel

Srey Bandol


and Sylvain Moizie-Rondet

up to at Phare art school?

Teaching comics, that’s what. More news to follow in a week.


Khao San

Saturday, September 20th, 2003


In Bangkok on notorious Khao San Road. It’s like a gigantic singles bar where backpackers can buy all the ‘asian’ accoutrements they need. Still, I can’t be too harsh, just so long as they get OUT of this tourist ghetto down the line.

(Would document this circus but perhaps _after_ I’ve sorted the Indonesian fun, that comes first. )

Had my first falafel in a year. Next off to Battambang to meet Lisa Mandel, who is doing a comix workshop with PHARE art school. Gonna have to motor down to Phnom Penh after that.

News @ Haram Jedah, fresh comix on front page, and more’s a-comin’!


Nichols Collection?

Monday, September 15th, 2003

From 555 records - a new book of cartoons from David Nichols??

3) The Grey Tapes – Making Your Mind Up

Not the classic Bucks Fizz track, but one of the debut solo offerings from David Nichols, (Huon/Cannanes/Crabstick/Blairmailer etc). At the time of this recording David was going to call his solo project “The Powerful Owl”, but changed the name. I still think I prefer The Powerful Owl, which is maybe why DN changed the band name. Anyways, I make no secret of the fact David is one of my favourite living heroes and I hold his music and art in high regard, (so he can call his band what he wants of course). There will be a full length CD of the Grey Tapes, complete with a big book of cartoons from David later in the year. This track may or may not be on the CD. You just don’t know with David…

Unfortunately, the goss has it the distro may have gone belly up. We will see. David needs to collect his comics someday…

Also a good interview with the Donjon folks, at

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