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Chugnut Rap Lyrics Twitter Challenge

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

@comicslifestyle: @andrewfulton I had to DJ that song ages ago. Prefer to detourn it: ‘Cartoonist Got RSI! / Yeah You Know Why’ etc. @azzamckazza @kinokofry

@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle represent

Old School Melbs used to diss The Avalanches / We came armed with pens we don’t take chances

Musos claim ‘underground’ is what they present / we ‘toonists’ so far deeper than Cave Clan in descent

Some might call cartooning ‘spurious’ / Chugnut don’t give a f**k ’cause they’ve barely heard of us

Comin’in low fast and mean / Than busting out a ‘Tango‘ all over your scene [insert Argentinian music break]

Obscure ignored and poor / if you don’t like comix my boot will show U the door

@andrewfulton draws whatever he cogitates / ordering an Ipad cause that s**t can’t wait

Jo Waite with the goggles, lush with the brush / castigates teahouses that don’t understand much

Fikaris rocks the stencils / all his drivebys be done with pencils

Formidable ORD to be feared / cold rockin’ gobs of fuzzy beards

Kinokofry / draw what she espy / damn site is Fly

The haters be saying comics stinks / they get rubbed out erased by@inkwinks

And while we sticks your review in the toilet and makes it swirl / your head is held down by them hardass Pox Girls

You be running from the rutheless brush as fast as you can / She’s a Mother all right that Amber Carvan

He’s ‘review proof’ gives critcs a world of hurt / step back for the motherf**in Gerard Ashworth

Some might assert their blandishments / Neale‘s ‘Beautiful Artform’ knocks down dem establishments

Wallop you wid a sketchbook like Gregory MacKay / David Blumenstein‘s renderings got you runnin away

Anthony Woodward updating like there’s no tomorrow / Clint Q-Ray blasts detractors into a world of sorrow

Can’t forget that Ben Hutchings wit da fart jokes / mock him and he’ll diss you so fast his pencil smokes

Got no need for wack ass ‘Hammertime’ / get your earhole ’round that David Bumenstein

You may say Chugnut blisters in the sun / Try to match Chris Downes and you’ll be fried and done

Comic Book Virus‘ cold gave you a clot, now you coughing up all ‘a ‘The ComicSpot

Comic Book Funny’? Damn right that’s true / smack you up wit da bristol board hey I’m talking to you

Samples? Don’t be absurd son / we got a million like Tim Danko‘s ‘Soiled’ fun

‘Cause the Chugnut Crew making comics like beats / lining up to buy ‘em yr stampin yr feet

[peace out]


@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle I am beatboxing like a mofo over here

@azzamckazza:@comicslifestyle This needs to be recorded. Get TootlegBoy and D-Rock Blumenshtein on to it.

@andrewfulton:@azzamckazza @comicslifestyle yes!

@andrewfulton: @comicslifestyle the comics! the lifestyle! the isle! downunder! (we draw like thunder) #orsomething