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Still Krazy after all these years….

Saturday, October 29th, 2005
Still Krazy after all these years….

Alan Moore Interviews Brian Eno
Paul Gravett has a web site.
The Second Superpower.
Oblique Strategies

Gang Festival

Thursday, October 27th, 2005
Must to check this out.

Asshole Rock

Friday, October 14th, 2005
So this is amusing.
Above comic has a character start a blog, then makes a real blog to further blur the distinction between what’s real and fictional.

Pop Culture and Camboland

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

Pop Culture and Camboland

Right. This comic seems to have a Cambodia connection. (See text on cover.) Can someone in the States buy this comic? And tell me if it’s any good? Cheers.

I gather that this issue focuses on the obscure folk magic concept of using unborn foetuses as protective amulets.

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comics auction

Saturday, October 8th, 2005
F.Y.I. and please feel free to forward to interested parties: 


More Ebay Auctions for Hurricane Relief

October 7, 2005

Six weeks ago, Americans witnessed and experienced the worst natural disaster in its history. Then, just three weeks after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Rita followed suit and slammed into the area just west of the hardest-hit regions still reeling from Katrina’s brutality. Despite the outpouring of support immediately following Katrina, so much more is still needed as charity organizations stretch themselves thin trying to help and rebuild these hardest-hit areas.

Comic colorists Christina Strain and Laura Martin, along with Laura’s husband Randy (proprietor of Mighty Nib Original Art), all came to the same conclusion at the same time: We should put up some charity auctions of comic-related artwork! A lot of other folks in the comics industry had the same idea — most notably the wildly successful Inkwell Auctions, spearheaded by Joe Quesada.

We’re excited to unveil our stash of charity auctions! Our artist friends have chosen to pledge their auction(s) to one of three charities dedicated entirely to hurricane relief: The American Red Cross, the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, and the Louisiana Food Bank. One hundred percent of all winning bids will go directly toward those who need it most.

Starting on Wednesday night, October 5th and continuing as long as donations keep rolling in, over thirty charity auctions will be going live. Each of the auctions will last seven days. Original artwork, prints, statues, and other goodies have been donated by Adrian Alpona, Al Bigley, Mark Brooks, Richard Case, Valentine DeLandro, Drew Geraci, Randy Green, Cully Hamner, Barbara Kesel, Francis Manapul, Rick Magyar, Dave Meikis, Karl Moline, David Nakayama, Paul Pelletier, Andrew Pepoy, Brandon Peterson, Robin Riggs, Karl Story, Marcus To, Koi Turnbull, along with collectors Benno Rothschild and Shawn Bryan. Also, Darrell Armstrong, of the Dallas Mavericks, donated an autographed basketball that’s signed by Darrell and other NBA players. There’s even more to come, so keep watching the seller page!

All of the auctions are listed at this link:

Here’s a great opportunity to pick up some wonderful artwork, and have 100% of your winning bid donated directly to these three worthy charities. Bid early and bid often!