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Late again! My computer is in the shop. Will update the latest strip in a few days.

Other news:

Lisa Mandel (who participated in Lakhorn Kou a while back)

will be teaching at Phare art school in Battambang in August.

And here’s a sign by Lucie Albon and Keu Tian of the same project, spotted on Route 6.

‘For the smile of a Child’ nonprofit. is looking for a logo for their Khmer student Arts group.

Karl Wills notes:

The new Jessica of the Schoolyard book “Jessica Vs. Megapotamus” has

just been printed and is in the Auckland stores as of tomorrow. Very

limited print run, the 3-D viewing specs have to be imported from the

US. $9.00 for 8 panels, is that a new record?

Should be also available in Graphic(Wellington) and Comics Compulsion

(Christchurch) in a week or so.


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