Kampong Glam: Comics Chat @ Hackerspace, Singapore

Did an informal presentation @ Hackerspace.sg today on Cambodian comics and web comics.

I ran through some basics on Khmer comics (primarily using the powerpoint presentation from my talk at BICOF) and am starting to develop some notes for a general presentation on webcomics: how I use ‘em, what they’re good for, where they are going. Possibly for the next BarCamp I attend.

For your amusement and my future reference, some notes:

One of the first and best ever web comics: http://slowwave.com/

Early web comics portal with mixed success: http://www.serializer.net/

Successful ‘mainstream’ web comics, mainly making money off merchandise:

Migrating from zines/printed comics to the web – last printed comic

Web comics in English/Khmer/translation – my early strategy – 3 interlinked blogs (ouch)

Current strategy – using WordPress tags to manage language and content more efficiently
http://www.qdcomic.com/ (still revising!) Including ‘value added media’ / i.e.  Fast Food – June 12, 2003 [English] [French] [Indonesian] [Note] [Song]

History of WebComics discussion:

WebComics opportunities:
‘Infinite Canvas’ approach: http://www.dresdencodak.com/

Value added strategy: Rice Boy has a wiki! http://www.rice-boy.com/see/

Current portal: http://www.comicslifestyle.com

From discussion:

Collab comics: http://comicsrehab.wordpress.com

A classic: http://www.xkcd.com

Comic Book Reader programs (one example)

What’s appropriate for sexuality/sensuality in comics? Dylan Horrocks’ ‘Secret’ blog exploring these issues: http://thepornographyofeverydaylife.blogspot.com

What I’m researching (more ASEAN comics): http://comics.storykitchen.com/

A surprise: Burmese Comics – English and online! http://www.buddhistmythology.net/ (Thanks @yanoak !)

Cheers to @yanoak @preetamrai @cerventus @stephanfeb + artists-in-residence for showing up and letting me road-test both presentations. From the queries and discussion I can see there’s a lot more ground to cover, and a lot of good comics to share. (I’d enjoy doing something for BarCamp SG but I simply can’t fly out every weekend. Maybe Bangkok?)

It was great to see a functional and friendly ‘hackerspace‘. (Hope to check out BangSpace next.) Kudos to Preetam for making landing and presenting so easy, and thanks to the Hackerspace crew for making me feel so welcome! (Dang, we need something like this for Penhville!)

OK, here’s a short video tour around the venue now that everyone has left.

Postscript: Preetam's writeup of the talk.

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