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Dear Friends of ZAPP,
Iʼm writing this letter to let you know about the upcoming reopening of ZAPP on September 13th in a brand new space in the top floor of Richard Hugo House.  ZAPPʼs doors have been closed far too long for the lively zine and artist community that Seattle has, and Iʼm proud to say that we can once again be able to offer this amazing resource to the community.
As you may know, ZAPPʼs collection is estimated to be the largest archive of independent publications in the world; only through the donations and support from the community of zinesters and readers can we grow and continue to occupy this unique and valuable niche.
Since the beginning of the year, new volunteers and interns have been working hard to get the archive adapted to the new space so we can open in September.  Some of the biggest feats so far have been re-shelving the original collection, designing a new work space, and creating a ZAPP committee.
As always, the growth of such a zine library hinges mostly upon the continuing donations from self publishers, but just as importantly, support from passionate volunteers.  Whether you have donated your zine to the archive or have offered your time to help keep ZAPPʼs doors open, we value the support that youʼve shown in the past, and we hope that you take the time to join us in September to make a memorable event.
The official date of the reopening is Saturday, September 13th.  It kicks off with an open house in the afternoon from 3 to 7.  There will also be a Zine Reading Open Mic at 6, and I encourage you to bring your favorite zine or your own work to share with everyone.  There also be Zine Library tours, media shows, and refreshments.
Thanks for all your support,



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