Drawings Deferred

Drawings Deferred

Since January, I’ve been attempting to do a weekly comics page in Khmer, based on the ‘Illustration Friday‘ topics.

Some weeks I put up a ‘bookmark’ spot illustration to get in the queue, which is replaced by a page later.

I was pretty strict about the deadlines until I moved offices in July. Then deadlines started getting missed. And I had a pretty big backlog of full pages.

Meanwhile, our Khmer Comics nonprofit, ‘Our Books‘, is taking off. We were just interviewed for a podcast and I’ll provide a link for that when it’s up. So while my comics go into the slow lane, I’m happy to work strengthening the Khmer comics world. Next week? Lire en Fete Book Festival at the French Cultural Centre.

What I do have left is a great list of topics to develop. So I’ve decided I’m going to work the rest of the year on the prior topics, and continue to do spot illos on Friday.

Come January? Maybe I’ll seek some resources to give it another shot. Possibly in coordination with some local comic artists to boot. Why should I have all the fun?


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