Around the world in Music and Comics

Around the world in Music and Comics
From Pete Radio, been enjoying sounds of Sufjan Stevens. He has the intention of doing one album for each State of the USA.
Maybe that would be fun, do a short comic story regarding each province of Cambodia. I’ve already got material for Siem Reap, Preah Vihear, Battambang, Kompong Speu… jeez, it wouldn’t be hard. It’s nice to have a sort of …structure, to hang your ideas on.
This ambitious 50 states recording project is reminiscent of Trondheim and Sfarr’s ‘Donjon’ series in France. Take on a big project, half in jest, but you find that it’s a real challenge that stretches your skills.
(Michael, maybe you could do a comic for each province of Canada? There’s considerably less.)
Another idea I had: an ‘ABCdaire’ of Cambodia (ABC book) – utilizing one page per consonant.
Came up with this idea in my work with the Nou Hach Literary Journal.
After I heard that there were over 50 ‘meters’ in which poetry was sung, I thought: “Hmm, maybe I could do a comics/poetry book, that illustrated these obscure meters”. (In the present day, people tend to use the same eight or so meters.)
Unfortunately the number of Khmer letters in the alphabet doesn’t quite match the number of meters.  I could add in the vowels but they wouldn’t quite match.
Maybe this is a project for a later time (and with a corresponding grant proposal!). I’d probably need to work with a Khmer musicologist to track down the obscure meters, and do a corresponding CD.
One thing at a time.

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