Film Frenzy

Saw ‘Windtalkers’ and ‘The Best Two Years’ last night. Been writing some
meeting minutes and like a dope, I waited more than a few days to type them.
Best to do it when it’s fresh. Have barely had a moment to breathe so I gave
in and spaced out in front of the TV.

Windtalkers is forgettable. If they’d put a Navaho in the front seat instead
of as a supporting character I’d have found it a lot more interesting.

I’d thought ‘The Best Two Years’ was a romance or culture clash comedy. But
nope, it’s a stealth evangelical flick.
As a producer of propaganda (HIV / AIDS awareness, among others) it’s
interesting from a professional perspective. Yeah, I’d take a Mormon flick
over John Woo any day of the week.

Oh… USA trip journal? Will finish that and back – date the blog to the
dates it happened, November – December. Workin’ it.


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