Official USA trip Journal, Part one

Official USA trip Journal, Part one

I land in San Francisco and wrestle my bags over to a hostel. After about a day in transit I land at a hostel in Union Square. Turns out Keith Knight used to work here, one of his cartoons is taped up on the wall. Looks like the area is becoming gentrified, the Hilton is one block over. Weird.

I’ve made plans to visit Che Gilson in Hanford (south of Fresno) the next day.

I crash hard and wake up the next morning. Just outside the hostel I’m stunned by a poster in a store window.

I’ve been away too long. Have things really gotten this bad?

I wrestle my luggage in the predawn hours past homeless people sleeping on the street. They look like coocoons, wrapped up tightly, navy and tan against sidewalk gray. Ah, if only I could show my Cambodian friends this. They think America’s paved in gold.

I find the terminal but miss my connection and have to wait two hours. It’s a treat though to watch the sun rise over the city, San Francisco is built on hills so I have a great view.

I savor a coffee and the local graffitti. Yes, this is a ‘blue state‘ all right.


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