Lire en Fête

Lire en Fête

Same Exposition, new role.

After a morning of preparation and rearranging by the CCF staff, the display area is changed into a conference hall.

With our comics art on the walls at Centre Culturel Français, and the comics loudspeaker truck in action, now comics meets the world of publishing at Lire en Fête, a book fair featuring most publishers in Cambodia. There’s a considerable number of non profit publishers here, as well as some well organized commercial ones. Along with Monument Books, Reyum, Sovann Phoum, and the Nou Hach Literary Journal, Bande Dessinée Khmer is also given a table. This is a good move from CCF; many artists see themselves more as illustrators than authors.

Em Satya joins us for the first day and signs some of his comics. Also making an appearance is Im Sokha and Sin Yun Pirom.

The real excitement is reserved for the evening. CCF’s Carnets d’Asie bookshop has its grand opening and a big crowd turns out. Party at cafe CCF, if you take a peek you can see the comics lining the walls.


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