Books and pictures

Books and pictures

Some discussion with librarian Thonevath Pou at the weekend, who is working on efforts at the National Library.

Khmer has a number of words we use in the discussion of comic books:

cipau (book)

roop (picture)

roopheap (picture-ness)

roong (story)

komplaing (funny)

Sometimes people say ‘cipau roop’ or ‘cipau roong komplaing’.

The term I’ve been using lately (after some discussion with friends) has been

‘cipau roong roopheap’.

T.P. is compiling a dictionary of bibliographic terms and this may just become

the official term for comic book! I’ll have to see what other people say colloquially.

And as regards ‘roop’ some of Thonevath Pou’s art can be seen on sale at Reyum gallery.


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