Half-Year, Half Life

Half-Year, Half Life

Well, it’s halfway through the year. As per my New Years Resolution, I haven’t published my Cambodia comic yet, haven’t been doing a lot of drawing in fact.

But I did get a quote, it’s $300 for 1000 copies of a comic. That’s not bad.

And haven’t done that Pox Girls site either.

Looks like I’ll be putting a lot of effort into a Cambodian Comics Exposition, to happen in October.

Watch this space for more.

Dunno. I seem to be putting larger and larger amounts of effort into more and more abstract expressions of comic art that are ever more distant from my personal life. Part of me has always been about spruiking comics. But if I’m not drawing them, I’m simply a fanboy… abeit one living in the world’s most undocumented comix communities.

Sure, I think these things are worth doing, but there are ways of letting things evolve and then …pushing. Maybe I should be pushing myself on my own efforts.


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