non-hierarchical community building

non-hierarchical community building


This is a submissions call to creative types far and wide of a new type of

publication looking for writers and artists. UNDERGROWTH is a non-profit,

open-source collective putting together an ongoing anthology of Australian

writing for publication in a digital, downloadable magazine. We’re looking

for solid writing of a speculative/ science fiction edge that comments on a

consciousness/ spirituality, psychedelic perspective and how that relates to

the rapidly changing world around us now. We embrace street culture that

comments on socio-political alternatives, technology, green ecology, Gaian

consciousness, magick, the Archaic Revival, ethnobotany, psychedelic and

doof counterculture, New Paradigm themes and writing that helps point the

way to a sustainable future.

We are drawing on the enthusiasm and verve of a youth culture that embraces

collective collaboration, network building, new media, new ways of

expression and the fire in the belly that refuses to be extinguished by the

forces of corporate-military-industrial-infotainment Spectacle! Another

world is possible and indeed, happening all around! We hope to show that by

drawing on the techno-cultural possibilities of the present, a multiplicity

of positive futures is also possible.

We would love you to be part of our evolving network and are seeking short

fiction (500 – 6000 words), non-fiction, (up to 3000 words) poetry and art

(web sized jpegs please) , as well as people wanting to be involved in

production behind the scenes. We are attempting to do all this in an

‘open-source’, transparent model on-line, uniting creators through the Net

and encouraging discussion and non-hierarchical community building. So

please forward this call to interested parties and check us out @ or email us @

infoundergrowth at for further info.

{we live not underground, but in the undergrowth


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