Bazaar Bizarre West

It’s Indonesian Comics Week at Silver Bullet Comic Books!

Darren Schroder has webbed up some interviews I’ve done, and will also be reviewing some local comics over the course of the next week.

Already Journalista‘s blogged it, but just the interview with the smallest group, Komik Kasa.

In other news, sad to report that Stripburek may be calling it a day.

“Last Voyage of Stripburek”

Hoping to go to Bazaar Bizarre West:

Sunday December 14th. Q-Topia, 6021 Hollywood Boulevard. 3-9 pm.

Back in the States for Xmas. Was hanging out to see Matrix: Revolutions when it occurred to me:

1. Matrix: Artificial intelligence goes to war with humans. Wins. Thermonuclear bombs detonated in war.

2. Terminator 3: Artificial intelligence triggers thermonuclear holocaust. Feel-good movie of the year. May have gotten Governor Schwarzenegger elected.

3. Battlestar Galactica (that’s right, new version on Sci-Fi Channel): Artificial Intelligence (Cyclons) attack twelve colonies with nukes, destroy most of human race.

There’s other, earlier versions – anyone remember Colossus? US supercomputer merges with Russian supercomputer, uses control of nuclear weapons to control humanity.

And there was Wargames, too.

Hmm… definitely a sub-genre there…


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