Straight Outta Brisbane

comes a comix lova that’ll smotha your motha

and make your sista think I lov her

dangerous, motha fukking raising hell

and if i get caught, I make bail

(sorry, NWA flashback there…)

Zine festival in Brissie with comix component:

Where have all the comix gone?

2:30PM – 4:00PM :: Visible Ink, Upstairs

Is Brisbane’s ever growing community of zinerz leaving their comix counterparts behind? Or are comix creators actually just livin’ it up on their turf around Briz-Vegas? And just what is happening on their side of the world full stop? Come meet some of Brisbane’s finest comix writers talk about their creations, their community, Brisbane’s comics publishing history, and possible futures for comix within the Brisbane independent publishing scene as a whole. This will be a flow-on discussion panel from the ‘Bedroom Hermits Unite’ roundtable.

With: Phatsville Comix, Luke Webber, Jules Faber of Sporadic Comix, Brad Daniels of Groovy Gravy and Glen Manders of Stripsearch Press and Comix etc.

Facilitated by Sean Taylor

(thanks to Comics Australia for info)


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