Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends:

Indonesian Comics and Animation Convention is pushed back to early September:

hello john!

convention is on 10-16 sept for SURE!!!

i just published my Old Skull in the garden, 40 pages…

come and get it!!!

let me know when you wanna come, so i can pick u up on the airport.

can forward this to people in melbourne too…

oke john, good luck with your comics, and stay tune..


Mandy Ord makes her debut with ‘Interlude’ in Moderntales.com, fresh back from her trip to promote her animated film ‘Suit Yourself’ at Annecy Film Festival in France.

Che Gilson’s San Diego comments.


Dillon Naylor in Cornerfold:


Thanks to Tim Bollinger, “Every Tintin bootleg under the sun”


Kieran Mangan’s site: www12.brinkster.com/royalchord/kjmangan/main.htm

Comic Queens Exhibition – report and photos:



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