Travel, Electric Gubulla, Tibet, War Tax, Zines, Mr. T

Comix Travel: Apotik Komik will be in the USA this August.

Pete Ashton of BugPowder is going rural.

Comics comics comics: Also from BugPowder: From Japan Electric Gubulla, wishing cultural exchange through comics. If you liked Nambanga you might like this.

Jen Feinberg gets some well-deserved press.

Dylan Horrocks’ intriguing analysis of ‘Tintin in Tibet’, one of my favorite comics. Perhaps not the favorite comic for the Chinese government, however.

War War War:

Ambiguous ‘Duck and Cover’ type emergency signs.

The real price we pay for the war.,0,6710044.story?coll=orl-opinion-headlines

Some really immature fun courtesy of the T’Nator.

Zines zines zines: Portland Zine Emporium.


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