by Amber Carvan and Mandy Ord

Review by Jeff LeVine, courtesy ‘Poopsheet’ (thanks Ricko!)

This little 60-page book features short comics that were created in a notebook that the two friends sent back and forth to each other every couple of weeks. The stories seem to play off each other, flowing into each other, inspired by the new comics one sent to the other. Sometimes the pages seem so much like a letter, that it feels a little weird to be a third person reading ‘em, but it always feels good. Each cartoonist brings a unique,lively, mostly light-hearted voice to their pieces. There’s a nice contrast created between their two different drawing styles, as Ord’s strips seemed drenched in deep blacks, while Carvan lets the white of the page dominate.

Animals, especially pets, and, er… road kill, seem to be the theme of most of the stories, but there are also noteworthy strips about stars, comets and dancing. A fun collection, nicely printed, and worth tracking down if you like your comics with a touch of the human. Try


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